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Alcohol Policies

Local Alcohol Policy Submissions
Submissions on Auckland Council's draft Local Alcohol Policy closed 16 July 2014.
Click here to read ARPHS' submission, click here for ARPHS' oral presentation to Auckland Council from 8 September 2014, and see below for more resources and infographics.

ARPHS makes submissions on alcohol laws and works with statutory bodies to ensure regulations reduce alcohol-related harm. In September 2013 and February 2014 ARPHS representatives spoke to Auckland Councillors about changes to their draft Local Alcohol Policy that could reduce alcohol-related harm.

Local Alcohol Policy in the Auckland Region

Most of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 has now come into effect. As of December 2013 key law changes include:

  • A default maximum closing time of 4am for on licences, and an 11pm cut off for alcohol sales in off licences. 
  • Police can issue infringement notices and fines for breaches of liquor bans, presenting a fake ID and loaning identification to a minor.
  • It is now illegal to supply alcohol to minors without express permission from a parent or guardian.
Local councils are free to set their own Local Alcohol Policies, including closing times, in consultation with stakeholders.

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, section 78 (1) states that a territorial authority that wishes to have a local alcohol policy must produce a draft policy.  Section 78(4) stipulates that the authority (Council) must not produce a draft policy without having consulted the Police, inspectors, and Medical Officers of Health.

ARPHS Alcohol Survey

ARPHS commissioned this survey to assist Auckland Council in developing a policy that is reflective of the community’s views as well as the academic evidence. Public support for alcohol policies in the Auckland Council Region shows majority support for policies that restrict trading hours, reduce the number of on and off-licences, and keeps these outlets away from schools. 

Among the survey’s key findings:

  • If there are to be different on-licence closing times across Auckland, 61 per cent favour no later than 2am in the Central Business District (CBD), 60 per cent support 1am in centres outside the CBD, and 52 per cent support midnight in the rest of Auckland. If closing times are to be the same across Auckland, 56 per cent support no later than 1am.
  • The public strongly support off-licences beginning sales no earlier than 10am (60-68 per cent, depending on off-licence type), and stopping sales no later than 10pm (73-78 per cent).
  • The public do not want any more on-licences in their local communities, with figures ranging from 66 per cent (opposed to more licensed cafes and restaurants) to 89 per cent (taverns and large bars). 
  • Between 91 and 95 per cent want no increase in the number of off-licences. 
  • Between 72 and 83 per cent are opposed to more on-licences in the CBD.
  • 73-83 per cent are opposed to having “taverns and large bars”, “small neighbourhood bars”, or off-licences (except supermarkets) near schools. 
Download the full survey results here.


Local Alcohol Policy Resources

LAP Poster - A3 size (64 KB)

LAP Toolkit (263 KB)

LAP Poster - A5 size (167 KB)
 LAP Submission Postcard (82 KB)

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