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Environmental Health

Rapid growth and development have dramatically increased in recent years throughout the Auckland region.

Auckland represents only 2% of New Zealand geographically; but it contains 31% of the total population.

Based on Census data and medium growth projections, the Auckland region has experienced an increase of 130,050 in population with a growth rate of 12% between 2001 and 2006. This has implications for infrastructure management and maintenance as well as for the development of new services. For example water suppliers face a significant challenge in trying to address the requirements of a predicted medium term population increase, let alone catering for additional unanticipated growth. Rapid growth has already created some negative impacts on the quality of our air, land and water, as well as our social and physical environments.

The ARPHS Healthy Environments Team endeavors to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of all Aucklanders from actual and potential environmental hazards and risks across the region. This includes the public health risk identification, assessment and management associated with:

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