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Kai for Pacific Island Pre Schools: a partnership with Kai Lelei Healthy Eating Programme

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Healthy Nutrition

Pacific Early Childhood Education Centres

Kai for Pacific Island Pre Schools: A collaborative healthy nutrition programme

ARPHS provides nutrition information, guidance, support and workforce development in partnership with Health Star Pacific Trust as part of their Community Vision Project for Early Childhood Education Centres across the Auckland Region.

ARPHS ECE Health Promotion Programme is focused on raising awareness of healthy nutritious foods and promoting healthy food environments for pre school children within the Early Childhood Education setting or at home.  This is done through a series of interactive nutrition focused workshops and workshop follow-up support for ECE teachers, staff and parents. The workshops content is reflective of the training needs of the ECE teachers and staff and the  fuelled4life food and beverage guidelines and the Ministry of Health’s Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Children and Young People (Aged 2-18 years).  Through ongoing training and support, the programme works with ECE staff to create and maintain positive nutritious food environments and assist children, the family and whānau to establish and maintain healthy eating through to adulthood and potentially reducing the incidence of obesity related chronic conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Currently, the ARPHS ECE team are in the process of reviewing their ECE programme and will update the website accordingly.

For more information please contact a member of ARPHS ECE team:

Rebecca Tegg
Programme Lead
Phone (09) 623 4600 ext: 27803

Useful links and resources  

ARPHS Healthy eating/nutrition webpage


Food for Under 5s Parents and Caregivers: A particle guide to food and nutrition: recipes for parents and caregivers. Available in Tongan, Samoan, Cook Island Māori – A very popular resource

Food for Under 5s ECE: A practical guide to food and nutrition: recipe book for ECE teachers and staff. Available in Tongan, Samoan, Cook Island Māori – A very popular resource. An e-version in English is available here.

Kai Lelei
Recipe books in Tongan, English

If you would like to order resources please contact ARPHS resource centre Ph (09) 623 4600 ext. 27034 Email:

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