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Heartbeat Challenge


Heartbeat Challenge is a health promotion programme that addresses chronic disease risk factors (poor nutrition, physical inactivity, smoking and diabetes) in workplaces. The programme framework enables and empowers employees to help drive the programme and contribute to the programme content.

The aim of the programme is to create a workplace environment that supports wellbeing. Emphasis is placed on encouraging environmental change within the workplace such as in the provision of healthy food options in cafeterias, encouraging incidental exercise, providing bike racks, shower facilities, encouraging active transport and supporting smoking cessation programmes.

Workplaces that meet the Heartbeat Challenge criteria are supported by a Workplace Health Promoter to work towards a Heartbeat Challenge Award. This is attained by achieving a set number of changes in each of the five key risk areas. The award is renewed every two years to ensure sustainability.

Heartbeat Challenge was originally developed by the National Heart Foundation. Since 2003 Heartbeat ChallengeTM is delivered by ARPHS and funded by the Ministry of Health.

Heartbeat Challenge is only available in the wider Auckland region.

Heartbeat Programme Criteria

Does your workplace qualify for this free programme?

Lower socioeconomic and/or Maori and/or Pacific Island employees are disproportionately affected by health issues.  The Heartbeat Challenge programme focuses on these groups as a priority. 

Organisations that have met the criteria include industrial/manufacturing, disability support services, government departments, call centres, rest homes, local councils and district health boards.

To find out if your workplace fits the Heartbeat Challenge criteria, please contact:

Judy Montgomery

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