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Heartbeat Challenge FAQ

Heartbeat Challenge FAQ 


What is Heartbeat Challenge?

Heartbeat Challenge (HBC) is a workplace health and wellbeing programme which helps improve the health of employees by creating a supportive workplace environment. It is available in the wider Auckland Region only and is delivered by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS).
Why is the workplace a key priority?

Health issues such as obesity, diabetes, gout, physical inactivity, stress and smoking are prevalent in the workplace. With the introduction of Heartbeat Challenge there is a significant opportunity to improve employee health, productivity and morale  along with a reduction in absenteeism and staff turnover
Who should participate?

Heartbeat Challenge is targeted at manufacturing/ factory settings as well as community ‘opinion leaders’ such as DHBs. It is particularly appropriate for workplaces with large numbers of Maori and Pacific Island workers who are over-represented in the health statistics.
What issues does the programme address?

The programme focuses on five areas:
1. Nutrition
2. Physical activity
3. Smoking cessation
4. Workplace wellbeing
5. Alcohol and other drugs

How do we get an Award?

Your company will be supported by ARPHS to achieve at least 5 changes in each of the four health areas. There is no time limit to achieve the award which is renewable every 2 years. Examples of initiatives towards an award are given below.

What does ARPHS offer?

The team is headed by a Team Lead and includes a Dietitian, Nutritionist and Workplace Health Promoters (WHP). The Dietitian support ranges from assisting to make improvements cafeterias to facilitating nutrition workshops and a weight loss programme.. The WHPs have extensive knowledge of workplace health related programmes and resources as well as strong relationships with community providers.
What do we do?

A WHP supports and advises your company through each stage to set up a sustainable workplace health programme. This includes the formation of a representative group, undertaking a survey with staff and planning initiatives.

How many companies are involved?

There are over 115 companies involved in the programme either working towards an award or renewal.

How do we achieve an award?

First and most importantly you need management support. This includes building the programme into a business plan and regular reporting. A key programme driver from within your organisation with adequate personnel hours is important. Involving staff and other interested parties such Health and Safety is good practice. Good communication channels facilitate programme awareness and success.

What are some examples of initiatives towards an award?

• Nutrition: Healthy options in the cafeteria, nutrition workshops, meetings and function catering guidelines, vending machine improvements
• Physical Activity: exercise classes, gym deals with local provider, walking groups, Sports teams, pedometers, ‘FeetBeat’ team walking event.
• Smoking Cessation: Smoking cessation support
• Stress: ’Working Well’ stress and mental health sessions, workload audit, Worklife Balance initiatives.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for our services or for the framed Heartbeat Challenge Award, as long the workplace meets our criteria. Providing the company has a key driver with plenty of energy and support the programme does not require a large budget.

What happens now?

Contact Judy Montgomery to discuss further or to make an appointment for a visit your workplace. 

        Judy Montgomery:



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