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 ARPHS Tobacco Service aims to prevent harm from tobacco by the promotion of social, physical and environmental strategies to improve and protect the public. 

The ARPHS Health Promotion practitioners identify and monitor areas of tobacco compliance.  Outcomes are reported and support is gained through co-ordination and collaboration with regulatory and non-regulatory groups. These groups include the New Zealand Police, District Licensing Agencies, Health Promotion Agency, Action Smoking and Health, Smoke Free Coalition, The Cancer Society and Local Authorities.

Why do we focus on Tobacco?

  • Tobacco-related costs to the health system are estimated to be about $1.7 billion per year (about 1.1% of GDP) (Health Promotion Agency 2012)
    Exposure to second-hand smoke is linked to many diseases and illnesses and is estimated to be responsible for about 350 deaths per year in New Zealand (Woodward & Laugesen 2001)
  • Tobacco use is responsible for about 25% of cancer deaths in New Zealand (Peto, Boreham & Thun 2005)
  • Smoking is responsible for the death of 5,000 New Zealanders each year. (Ministry of Health 2008). 
  • Half of all long-term smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. (Ministry of Health 2008)
  • The 2011/12 New Zealand Health Survey showed that 18% of New Zealand adults (aged 15 years and over) smoked (Ministry of health 2012)
  • Smoking was highest among Māori (41%) and Pacific peoples (26%) (Ministry of health 2012)
  • The New Zealand Government is committed to a goal of a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025 (Ministry of Health 2013)

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